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Conflict at Kuala Mu, Perak

On the 22nd of November, a video was shared on Facebook about a blockade by Perak Forestry Department at Pos Kuala Mu located in the Kuala Kangsar district. In the video, the president of Pelindung Khazanah Alam Malaysia (PEKA) was stopped from accessing the eco-chalets operated by orang asli. The video can be viewed below:

A further article by The Malay Mail (“In Perak, Kuala Mu’s Orang Asli left desolate by logging”, 23rd Nov 2018) highlighted the plight of the orang asli community in the area, and how excessive logging has hampered the orang asli community’s livelihoods and how heavy logging vehicles have damaged roads leading to the orang asli eco-chalets. The blockade by Perak Forestry Department in the area also restricts access to these eco-chalets, delivering a further blow to their income.

We have also received several satellite images that highlight the expansion of 3 clear-cut areas east of Sg. Siput (Aug-Oct 2018), where Pos Kuala Mu is located (Source:; free account).

We look forward to see new imagery from Nov 2018.

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