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Data provided to us is aggregated and built into custom web map applications using Global Forest Watch (GFW) Map Builder. The maps are created as tools designed to help in monitoring forest loss, determining forest reserve boundaries and identifying key stakeholders to engage. Toggle land cover dynamics to observe historical forest cover loss, or explore potential recent tree loss hotspots using GLAD. Learn more about GFW tools here.

Detect any suspicious activities? Select the forest reserve shape file to to find out more and make an enquiry, or get in touch with NGOs already operating nearby.

[UPDATE] Users can now refer to our new map 'Malaysia' that contains details of land parcels (where available) and refer to the customised maps for 'Peninsular Malaysia', 'Sarawak' and 'Sabah' for use the extra GFW features. The Parliamentary, Karst and River Basin maps are special maps that focus in these particular map layers. 

Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 6.52.28 PM.png


Map layers feature Permanent Forest Reserves, Totally Protected Areas, important landscapes and production areas throughout Malaysia. Maps are a collection of submissions received over the years and compiled by Hutanwatch that are further used to develop interactive maps with Global Forest Watch Map Builder. Explore.  

Screenshot 2019-07-19 at 11.43.22 AM.png


Peninsular Malaysia. Map layers feature Permanent Forest Reserves and important landscapes. The Central Forest Spine (CFS) initiative is a Malaysian Federal Government initiative and was first publicised in 2009 through the department’s CFS-Master Plan (CFS-MP). The development focus for the Central Highlands is to establish and protect a contiguous Central Forest Spine through the integration of forest reserves for biodiversity conservation, limit and control unsustainable urban and agriculture expansion, and enhance the tourism potential of the highlands.

The interactive map built by hutanwatch features forest reserve layers, ecological linkages, river basin and NGO activities. Explore.  

sarawatch thumbnail.jpg



Sarawak. Map layers are compiled from existing readily available datasets - details are available within the interactive map. We are currently processing additional datasets submitted

and welcome any contributions. 

The interactive map built by hutanwatch features Oil Palm concessions, Protected area, peat lands, license for planted forest concession and logging concession layers. Explore.  

Sabah thumbnail .jpg



Sabah. Map layers are compiled from existing readily available datasets: Sabah maps are made available publicly - contributors have submitted digitised versions of the public static maps for larger landscape level classification, while exact boundaries are still a work in progress. We are still processing submitted datasets and welcome any support. 

The interactive map built by hutanwatch features forest reserves, protected area, peat land extent, and oil palm plantation layers. Explore.  

parliament malaysia .jpg



Peninsular Malaysia. Elected officials have a significant role to play in improving forest protection and transparency. Concerned communities, grassroot activists, CSO/NGOs and journalists can involve local politicians and community leaders in the discussion of forest cover loss and degazettement.  

The interactive map built by hutanwatch features Peninsular Malaysian parliamentary seats (source: Tindak Malaysia) and forest reserve layers. Users can use these layers to reference elected officials. Explore.  

karst thumbnail .jpg



Peninsular Malaysia. Map layers are compiled from existing readily available datasets. Limestone hill distribution map was downloaded from here, compiled by liew et al. (2016) which can be referenced here. Limestone map is still a work in progress and does not represent the total distribution, but as a starting to point towards a better understanding of limestone hill distribution and better management.  

The interactive map built by hutanwatch features forest reserves, protected area and limestone hill distribution (2016) layers. Explore.  

River basin thumbnail .jpg



Peninsular Malaysia. Natural hydrological boundaries of river basins in Peninsular Malaysia. A river basin represents the landscape that drains into major river systems.

The interactive map built by hutanwatch features forest reserves, protected area and river network layers. Explore.  

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